Experts In Retail Distribution

Delivering Quality & Value

Always Ahead Of Competition

Diversified Product Range

STMC offers a broad range of products ranging from food and non food supplies.

World Class Quality

STMC ensures the highest standards of quality all throughout the value chain.

Best Sourcing

We believe in earning our consumers' trust by acting responsibly.


We strive to offer more than products. We aim to deliver a unique, value-driven retail experience backed by exemplary service.

Sukljian Trading & Marketing Company (STMC) stands as a beacon in the Jordanian FMCG distribution landscape. Established in 1954, we have built a robust legacy over the past 69 years, connecting global producers with local consumers through our diverse array of imported foods, beverages, personal care products, and consumer goods.

Our commitment at STMC is to broaden our market share by leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the Jordanian market. We take pride in our track record and are prepared to embrace future challenges, continually fostering growth and resilience in our business operations.


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Frozen Warehouses

Our Brands

Our portfolio at STMC showcases a diverse range of global products from dairy to skincare, confectionery, and groceries. This variety is a testament to our adaptability and commitment, as we ensure each brand we represent achieves sustainable growth and establishes long-lasting success.

Comprehensive Logistic Operations from Supplier to End-Consumer

We provide an end-to-end supply chain solution, from customs clearance to warehousing, logistics, and transportation. Our highly skilled team manages the entire lifecycle of our products, from import and warehousing to the final point of consumer engagement. The sophisticated systems we employ allow us to handle imports and exports of products requiring different temperature regimes with unwavering diligence. This robust logistical backbone doesn't just facilitate growth for the brands we partner with; turning business partnerships into long-lasting alliances.

Market Exposure

At STMC, we place innovation, service, and impeccable in-market execution at the core of our marketing philosophy and strategy. We lead the industry in in-store marketing, evidenced by our captivating and custom-made displays that feature bespoke shelves, blocks, and gondolas. These assets are the culmination of a commitment to meticulous, in-house design and fabrication, yielding modular solutions that seamlessly adapt to diverse retail environments. We hold a remarkable 6% share of the total retail space in the country, underlining our dominant presence.

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